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Earth commission is a gathering of people who believe in the power in truth and justice, collaborating to solve world problems and global issues.

We are organizing from a group of scientists and business professionals, who want to use their skills and ethical commitment to effect positive change in the world in ways that governments and politicians have not.

We encourage scientists, engineers and professionals of every discipline who share our moral vision to solve world problems to join us. We envision our democratic organization to be a kind of greenhouse for establishing ethical businesses that benefit the whole of society, address and promote solutions to global problems, and build a foundation for world peace and human evolution.

While we recognize the power of capital, we also understand the strength of an idea whose time has come. We believe that, together, we can creatively collaborate to solve the urgent problems the world faces today. We welcome the involvement of open-minded scientists, doctors, engineers, and other high level professionals who have the desire to improve the world. Our ideas, nurtured by our collaborative environment, will find the financial means to realize the global benefits for which we are working.

We encourage the unique talents of every individual who shares our vision of human development through justice and respect to join us.